Quantum application development and use-case evaluation

For organizations with computational challenges in optimization, simulation and machine learning.

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About us

The QAL consortium

QAL is a collaboration of six scientific organizations across different domains of expertise. Ranging from fundamental quantum computing research at the CWI and UvA to applied scientific R&D at TNO, high-performance-computing at SURF, academic software development at eScience, and the actual development of quantum computing hardware platforms at Quantum Inspire.

Exploring potential in many sectors

The impact of quantum computing

Quantum computing is rapidly transforming from a specialist theory in physics to a source of new technologies, economic growth and workforce development opportunities. While still a nascent technology, its potential is actively being explored for use-cases across many sectors, including: Automotive, chemistry, energy, finance, materials, logistics, pharma and more.

Pharmaceutical companies

For pharmaceutical companies and biotech industry quantum computing’s ability to simulate the properties of large, complex molecules could reduce drug discovery time and increase effective patent life.

Financial services

Financial services are exploring optimized investment portfolio management, improved risk pricing models and more effective analysis of large or unstructured data sets with equally powerful use cases in capital markets, corporate finance, fraud detection and encryption-related activities.

Energy and power industry

The energy chemicals industries are expected to benefit from quantum computing’s simulation capabilities and computing power to result in more efficient electrical power systems, better batteries, cleaner fertilization, and lower emissions.

Our projects

Explore the benefits of quantum computing

Our clients are offered a realistic view on the capabilities and limitations of quantum computing technologies over specific time frames, for optimization, simulation, machine learning – and more. We additionally offer our clients:

  • Evidenced decision-making on quantum computing application development
  • Develop fit-for-purpose technology solutions in an open innovation ecosystem
  • De-risk investments through pre-competitive R&D collaboration
Types of projects

Strategic exploration

Duration: 3 months

Use case selection & roadmap development

Duration: 6 months

Application development & implementation

Duration: 6-12 months

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