Quantum Annealing for Rostering Optimization

The Problem At Air France KLM over 7,000 employees work in shifts with different contract percentages, skill and authorization levels, etc. Efficiently scheduling all these employees becomes a complex combinatorial task. To solve it classically, Air France KLM simplifies the problem by designing both base rosters and personal rosters, reducing its efficiency. Designing personal rosters …

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Photocatalysis for Water Splitting

The Problem Toyota Motor Europe, in collaboration with QAL, is delving into the realm of photocatalysis for watersplitting, a pivotal process in the sustainable production of hydrogen. The accurate simulation ofphotocatalytic reactions stands as a complex, resource-intensive endeavor that demands innovativecomputational methodologies. The Quantum Solution The project employs a state-averaged orbital optimized variational quantum eigensolver …

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